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Session Tips

Session Tips

Tips for kids

I work hard to capture natural smiles, and make the process fun.

Here are a few things that I suggest to help the session go smoothly:

  • If your child has a beloved toy or blanket, feel free to bring it along.
  • For babies – bring an extra outfit. Accidents happen.
  • Feel free to bring a snack/drink, but hide it until needed.
  • Before the session, avoid handing toddlers items that you don’t want to see in the photos (cell phones, keys, less pretty toys).
  • If you give your child candy, please avoid blue and green candies. They stain lips, and it’s almost impossible to fix in post-processing. It’s also a good idea to avoid gum.
  • For newborns – keep your home nice and warm.

What to wear

If it looks good in real life it will generally look good in photos, but there are a few things to be aware of.

  • Please avoid super neon/hot colors. They tend to glow and alter skin tones. Classic bright colors work well.
  • For family photos – avoid having everyone wear black, or you could end up with a bunch of floating heads. If a few people wear black, that’s fine.
  • Use common sense for patterns. Patterns are great, but for the best possible picture try not to have one person in stripes, one in dots, and one in gingham.
  • Children/babies typically get frustrated with multiple clothing changes. If you want to bring more than one outfit, start with your favorite. Some babies are comfortable with changing, but some get upset.
  • Family photos are limited to one outfit unless more are agreed upon prior to the session.
  • If you have any questions, or are unsure about an outfit, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tips for pets

Pets generally do well during photo shoots. Occasionally there’s a cat that magically disappears, but usually with your cooperation we can coax them out. Patience is key.

  • If there is an area of your home where your pet likes to retreat (behind a dryer, in the attic, on top of a book shelf) try to limit their access to the area in advance. If you have an outdoor/indoor cat, please try to keep them indoors before the session.
  • Have some of your pet’s favorite treats on hand.
  • Keep favorite toys handy.
  • If there are any noises or movements that your pet is not fond of, let me know in advance.
  • If you would like photos in a park, please choose one where you feel your pet will be safe, and not overly distracted.
  • While you’ll mostly see dogs and cats on this site, I love working with any animals! (I have previously photographed pet ferrets, bunnies, lizards, and a pet stick bug.)